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The idea for Chair City CrossFit began well over 3.5 years ago in the mind of owner Jeff Mabe.  CrossFit had such impact on his overall health and fitness he knew he had to bring it to the Thomasville area.  Jeff had joined 336 CrossFit in High Point and was experiencing results unlike any program he had followed previously.  Through his membership he got to know Owner and Head Coach Ben Sturgill.  Ben’s knowledge and experience (with 336 CrossFit and later High Point CrossFit) made him a perfect candidate to help bring this dream to life.  Not long after Jeff and Ben began the planning and affiliation process for Chair City CrossFit and they opened our doors in May 2015.  After 2 years helping folks in Thomasville, they decided to merge Chair City and 336 CrossFit to offer a unique experience for members and those who live in the Thomasville/High Point area.  Now, members have access to 2 locations for the price of one.  Boasting a staff with a combined experience of over 30+ years, Chair City and 336 have the knowledge, experience and skills to help you reach any goal you might have.


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Phone: 336.250.8160
Email: jeff@chaircitycrossfit.com

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